Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Making kids smile, one colorful cheek at a time!

Want to do something special for your next birthday party?  Have you considered having your guests' face painted? 

This is the new thing to do that makes all your little guests happy - whether they are girls or boys, everyone loves to have their faces decorated!

I use top of the line face paints - Diamond FX, Wolfe, Pardise & TAG.  All hypo-allergenic & designed exclusively for use on skin.

My rates are very good because I'm not a professional... yet!  Although I'm a beginner, I do good work & you can be sure you're little ones will be smiling ear to ear after I'm done.

I come with everything I need - including a director's chair to sit my little clients at a level that's comfortable for me to work at.  My products & tools are cleaned and sanitized between jobs.

Please check my rates page for complete pricing.